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Delivery, Setup & Pickup Included

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Party Touch Jukebox offers free delivery within 30 miles from Southington, CT. Our coverage area includes all of Connecticut. Events taking place outside of 30 miles are billable at $3/mile. Please request a quote to receive detailed delivery pricing information in your area.

Delivery Services

Standard Overnight Service

Events starting at 3:00 pm or later with pickup the next day. Delivery between 8:00 am and 1 hour prior to the start time of your party.


Afternoon Service

Events starting at 11:00 am or later for afternoon parties. Delivery between 8:00 am and 1 hour prior to the start time of the party. Pickup by 5:00 pm or earlier.


Morning Service

Events starting early in the morning with pickup same day by 2:00 pm or earlier. Please contact us with details on start, setup, and end times.


All-Day Services

All-day-event starting earlier than 3:00 pm and going all night. Early guaranteed delivery is billed at $10/hour for each hour prior to 3:00 PM. Also ask about our 24-hour rental upgrades.


Pickup Services

Standard Overnight Service

Delivery on the date of your event with pickup the day after the event. Many banquet halls and party locations are accommodating to us – we just need some direction to the door opening times and any potential conflicts.


Same-Day Pickup Service

Events that end 5:00 PM or earlier can be picked up the same day at no additional charge. We discourage same day pickups after 5:00 PM. The fee for same day pickups is $25/hour for each hour after 5:00 pm with a limit of 10:00 pm, pending availability.


Next-Day Pickup Service from Different Location

If your event ends late at night and your venue is not not will to leave overnight rentals, the customer may pack up the equipment and bring it home for pickup the following day.

Customer Does Not Need To Be Present

The customer does not need to be present at the time of delivery, but we will communicate with you if you want to meet us there for the setup.


What if My Venue Does Not Allow Next Day Pickup?

Although it’s very rare, some venues that are less than accommodating. We will work with you to determine your options (including delivery and/or pickup from a different location).


Specialized Carts

We have specialized carts that can be reserved for moving jukeboxes inside venues for storage overnight.

Check Availability & Get Pricing

NO CHARGE 30 Mile Delivery area

Delivery Area
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